Web Inspiration: Websites that blow our minds.....

Here are some of our favorite influential websites which captures their target market and understands the value of their customers. We love 'em and use them all the time, especially Amazon!!

E-commerce – www.amazon.com

Amazon.comAmazon started out in 1995 and was originally set up as a bookstore but soon moved into various other product ranges including, VHS, DVD, MP3s, computer software, video games, electronics, furniture, toys and much more. Amazon has now established separate websites in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, China, and Japan.

The beauty of Amazon when is first started was that it allowed users to submit reviews to the web pages of each products. As part of their review Amazon uses a rating scale using 1 – 5 stars. The focus of this website is developed to serve their customers in the best way possible. If a friend recommended you to a new restaurant in town, would you listen to them? More than likely the answer is Yes!

Now Amazon delivers bespoke marketing campaigns to your previous purchases and pages you have visited. For example, I recently bought a digital camera and a music CD from Amazon. In signing up I asked to receive up dates and offers in the form of an email. Two weeks later I have an email in my inbox offering products around my purchases and other recommendations linked closely to my purchases and interests. This is bespoke marketing designed purely for me as a customer.

How often have you ever walked into Currys and been presented with offers by based on your previous purchases and interests??

If you are not familiar with the site take a look, it really is one of the most advanced e-commerce sites on the internet.

Interactive Graphical Websites – www.t-mobileg1.com

t-mobile G1 websiteWebsites offer a range of different variants to interact with the customers depending on the product/service. In this example T-Mobile take the user step by step through all of the features benefits and application of the highly anticipated Google G1 Phone. Throughout your walk-through you have the capability of being allowed to “virtually” play with the phone. Described by many as the “iphone killer” it is beautifully represented through the flash interface.

Content Managed Systems (CMS) - www.joomla.org

Lots of businesses tend to opt for a CMS system allowing them to store, control and publish document such as, operators’ manual, technical manuals and marketing brochures. The ability to be able to manage your own site allows for constant updating with little knowledge of website development.  The site is pre-built to your specification and lets you control what you want to control!

A brief example of this could be:

You have a need for a website which sells mobile phones. This site may include:

If this were to be developed through a CMS system it could be specified that you only want to be able to change and add information on the Homepage and Product pages.  Therefore instead of contacting your website supplier and incurring costs every time you have a new product you could go into the site and add it yourself!