SEO: How can your business succeed online if you can't be found?

Imagine getting 1,000's more people to your website, what would that do for your business??

Through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) you can get your website to the first page of search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing (MSN) for terms that people are searching for, making it easier for people to find your site and increasing your visitors.

Getting more people to your website is like people flooding into your shop - it leads to more enquires and more sales!

Our 7 Step Process

  1. Complete keyword research and competitive analysis.
  2. Install necessary Google site maps, Analytics tracking and website enhancing tools.
  3. Optimise your new or exisitng website to make it search engine friendly.
  4. Implement a bespoke link building campaign (one-way, white hat only links) to promote you listings.
  5. Write you optimised content that will help you attract targeted visitors.
  6. Provide in-depth monthly progress reports featuring rankings, traffic, analysis and advice.
  7. Assist with conversion considerations to ensure that your new visitors turn into leads.

Want convincing further?

SEO helps raise a business's profile and brand awareness by placing your website at the forefront of your industry online. Does your company deserve to be on the first page but isn't? - you could be missing your next customer right now!

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Benefits of SEO vs Advertising

Traditionally, if you wanted your business to get noticed you'd do some advertising, but advertising can be very expensive and notoriously difficult to measure its success. In the current economic climate all businesses are analysising their marketing budgets and are shifting to channels that offer better return on investment (ROI).

"UK online sales will buck the downward trend over the next six years and continue to expand at a rate of 6 per cent a year. The recession will hit online sales less hard than other channels as people shop online to find better prices and save on fuel"

- Financial Times Report

Once in a while you might get lucky and get a couple of enquires from your ad in the local paper or business mag - that costs you £100 or £1000s. But ads only have a short life cycle and soon it's old news. If you think putting one advert in a trade magazine, or local rag is going to bring you double the amount of business think again. Compare it to a TV advertisement, how many times do you see an advert? what's it's impact?

Studies show that people believe that the websites found on high up in the natural listings of search engines such are Google are the biggest players in there industry.

Our approach? - White-Hat SEO only

Be aware of fake claims such as "Guaranteed Rankings" and "Get instant #1 Google". No matter how good a SEO company is they cannot "guarantee" anything; if they could they wouldn't be selling their shoddy SEO service they'd be living it up on their private island. Truth is, no one but top Google employees actually know how their ranking algorithm really works. Even Google say no SEO companies can guarantee rankings!

Reputable SEO companies like ourselves use a mix of experience, scientific analysis and the latest industry techniques to develop a service that is very likely to increase your ranking in search engines - without the risk of getting penalised by Google.

Targeted Traffic - Get the most relevant visitors to your website!

It's not much good spending money optimising solely for the phrase "italian restaurants that serve chips in Leeds" because even if you are number one chances are no one is actually searching for that phrase. The first thing we do when analysing your website/industry is to seek out the keywords to drive traffic to your site, working closely with you to find out what would most benefit your business to rank in search engines. For example, what is your main product or service? What are your bestsellers? Where do your biggest margins come from? What region do you sell to?

We conduct in-depth keyword research using Google tools to get accurate search figures and help you drive most targeted visitors to your website. Targeted visitors are people looking for what you offer, those are more likely to make a transaction.

Improved conversions which equals more sales!

Whilst optimising for a big traffic driving phrase e.g. "men's jeans" our SEO can also help your website rank for a host of other specific long tail phrases e.g. "levis mens jeans 34". People use Google to find what they want because they can usually find it within one click. We use content optimisation techniques to get your relevant product page/landing page to rank for specific searches. You will receive fewer visits for more specific terms, but your conversion rates will be better because people get what they want.

Return on investment (ROI)

SEO is just like any form of promotion, you want to see a Return on Investment (ROI). SEO has been proven to generate a higher ROI by attracting more targeted visitors to your website than other marketing channels. We are advanced Google Analytics users and our monthly analytics reporting helps to tailor your SEO campaign to maximise it's success.

The beauty of the internet is that everything is measurable. Through Google Analytics we can track and analyse exactly how users find your website and what they do when they are there. From this we can evaluate your SEO success and modifiy our approaches to ensure that you get maximum Return On Investment.

SEO is a long term winner!

A successful SEO campaign can take time. Typically STAG offers SEO packages on 6-12 month contracts. We do this so that you can receive full benefit of the techniques that we employ. Search engines like to build up trust with websites over time. The more they trust your website the more often they will crawl and rank its contents. Unfortunately, just like human Google and co take time to get to know someone, therefore you cannot expect results in competitive industries straight away. The longer you've "SEO'ed" the more your website becomes trusted and the more likely you are to stay in the top 10 for all your potential customers to see! - becoming a trusted website can help you to rank and attract visitors for many years to come.

If you want to start reaping the benefits of contact Harrogate and Leeds SEO specilists STAG to discuss how we can force your website to the forefront of your industry. Studies show that people don't really search beyond the first two pages of search results. You know yourself that if you cannot find what you want in the top 10 or 20 results you will probably refine your search and search again.

Google Adwords - Pay Per Click Optimisation

Sometimes you need traffic immediately - be it for a new product launch, website lauch or at peak seasons such as christmas. Pay Per Click marketing immediately puts your website on page 1 for your chosen search terms however it has to be setup and monitored correctly as budget can be quickly eaten up as you pay an amount everytime someone clicks your advert.

The keys to succees are methodical keyword research, eye catching ad text, good calls to action and careful management of spend. However, it can become time consuming (and expensive) if you don't know what you are doing. We can take over or setup PPC for you, allowing you to concentrate on other areas of your business. For more information on how we can help you visit our PPC/Adwords page or contact us to dicuss how you can benefit from more vistors/leads/sales right away.

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