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Marketing is influenced by many of the social sciences, particularly psychologysociology, and economics. The communication and knowledge of your business products and services is built from the process of creating, communicating, and delivering your company to your key target market and customers. Marketing is a creative industry which covers a range of different disciplines, including, branding, websites, direct mail, brochure, public relations and much more.

At STAG Marketing we pride ourselves on affordable and structured campaigns to maximise the potential of your budget. Once we have an understanding of your company objectives we can research, plan, propose and deliver on using various methods to capture your target market. We represent high customer service with the latest industry information for you to leap frog your competition.

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Graphic Design and Branding - Create a lasting image people identify with.

Your brand is seen by potential customers in all communications you have with them. Good branding creates an extension of your company's identity, so much so that it can become a sign of quality and expectation in the eyes of the customer. Over time people learn to trust brands and brand loyalty emerges as the customer can quickly identify with your products and services.

Have you ever seen two identical products from different brands but chosen the stronger brand because you trust them just that little bit more??

Many companies have logos and images that they use to represent their company, however there are sometimes gaps between what you intend to present to your customers and what you actually do present, which can cause issues in your overall brand. This results in an inconsistent or conflicting message that could affect your customer communications and even sales!

STAG Marketing can help you develop or evolve your brand through working closely with your ideas and thoughts to grow them into a presence for your online and offline campaigns. Contact us today to dicuss how we can help you improve your brand image.

Brochure Design - Promote your business while informing your customers

Brochures are an effective way of communicating a lot of information to customers. The brochure design, fonts, layout, and the overall theme are vital to creating an appealing and readable promotional document which is consistent with your brand. How the brochure looks is just as important as the target audience you are aiming for.

Using up-to-date techniques STAG Marketing can release your design ideas - producing an attractive concept that can be developed into ideal brochure targeted at the correct audience, incorporating your brand, and most importantly promoting your products and services in the most appealing way to capture sales and enquiries.

If you would like to receive a quote based on your needs for a brochure please download our questionnaire and send it to The more information included on the document will allow for a more accurate quote.

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Direct Mail - Is still worthwhile!

Direct mail is sometimes crudely referred to as junk mail and admail which could well end up in the bin before even being opened! However, this method can be utilised effectively if this is the way your target audience wish to receive information. The message that is presented throughout the campaign should be clear and concise with call to action to tie in with your objectives.

STAG Marketing take time to ensure we understand your objectives from the campaign and tailor it to your needs. Through our knowledge of graphic design we can develop a leaflet/mini brochure to follow how a large majority of the public 'scan' mail shots like this, maximising the opportunity of your message being read.

One of the most important areas of direct mail campaigns is to evaluate the Return on Investment (ROI), without this information this gives you no feedback from the most important people to you......your customers!!

We also can cater for the following areas of marketing communications...