Analytics Reporting - Looking Beyond the Hit!

Gone are the days of just recording a hit, we want to know everything about your visitors

We like to demonstrate the scientific nature of the internet and don't want you to think of online marketing (SEO and Pay Per Click Advertising) as somewhat of a dark art. We track and analyse web analytics data help us make informed decisions, offer accurate advice and make the correct adjustments to your campaign. Together with our own research and experience, web analytics allows us to present a logical rationale to support our methodology.

What does this means for me?

Well, you get a completely transparent service and a level of feedback no other marketing method can provide. This enables us to monitor and evaluate your campaign to make sure we maximise your ROI.

Organic/natural search engine traffic

When evaluating our SEO/PPC performance, we are primarily concerned with looking at the "keywords" area under "traffic sources". We can filter between natural and PPC traffic to get a breakdown of your valuable terms.

The graph below is a 3 month snapshot of a Harrogate Bed & Breakfast web analytics. This shows growth in natural search engine traffic compared to the same peak season last year before undertaking our SEO.

Google Analytics Screen Shot

Keywords page shows number of 'visits' is up 230% compared to 2008, and also gives us an indication of the quality of the visits as well using the following metrics:

Keyword performance

These user metrics can be applied to each individual keywords to assess performance compared to ranking positions, SEO efforts and conversions.

Keywords Google Analytics

Further Understanding Customers

Yes we can record visits, but as advanced Google Analytics users we can collect more information than you think about the people you visit your site e.g.

Research, Analysis, Experience

Let us get bogged down in statistics, so that you don't need to. We will always try and communicate traffic statistics to you plain and simple English with honest advice and insightful help throughout.

At STAG Marketing we work to get the most out of your account. We are completely transparent in everything we do, the reason why? Because we can back up everything we say and do. We take a scientific approach to internet marketing and track all our activities to ensure we get you the best results!

STAG Marketing specialises in helping small businesses reach a LARGER audience WITHIN budget. Contact us about our SEO and PPC services today.